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ASURAAustralasian Symposium on Ultrasound and Regional Anaesthesia (medical technology conference)
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Asura intends on addressing both the home solar PV business, which represents 80% of the solar power generated in Japan, along with commercial mega-solar projects, which the company plans to address through a merger and acquisition strategy.
Cigar & Spirits Magazine just announced that the 2012 Asura Cabernet Sauvignon from Mt.
Japanese actresses Shinobu Otake, Hitomi Kuroki, Eri Fukatsu and Kyoko Fukada, who played four sisters in the opening film ''Like Asura,'' arrived clad in Japanese kimono.
Some scholars remark that `Samvara' is a name of an Asura in the Vedic literature.
By streamlining workflows and automating production processes, OneVision's flagship solutions Asura, Solvero and Speedflow allow organizations to save time, reduce costs and ensure the highest level of quality for printed materials.
The basic premise is that you are Asura, one of eight immortal superheroes charged with protecting the planet from ancient, corrupt demons.
This is an interactive movie - or anime, to be exact - in the purest sense, which tells the story of Asura, ambt a psychotic, six-armed demigod with acute anger management issues.
One of these Prajapatis was, depending on the account, the maharyi (great sage) or the asura (demon) Bhrgu, sometimes said to be the son of Brahma.
The Mahabharata , the Bhagvad Geeta , the Ramayana , the Bible and even asura tales have undergone an epic metamorphosis and are up in a delightful, if sometimes irreverential form, on Facebook walls, tweets and blog posts.
SHENZHEN, China, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - The oriental epic online game " Asura " appeared on New York Times Square billboards on June 20 in a high-profile display of the characteristics of Chinese online gaming and its progress.
Thankfully, the people of than the ferocity of Goddess Durga's looks, her gorgeous dress or the huge size of the asura , it is the art work on the idols and the pandals that has been drawing huge crowds.