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ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Washington
ASUWAntisurface Warfare (US Navy)
ASUWArizona State University West (Phoenix, AZ)
ASUWAnti-Surface Ship Warfare
ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY)
ASUWAntisurface Unit Warfare
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ABBREVIATIONS AMS auxiliary minesweeper AO auxiliary oiler AOR auxiliary replenishment oiler APD auxiliary personnel transport destroyer ARL auxiliary repair light ARS auxiliary rescue/salvage ship ASR auxiliary submarine rescue ship ASROC antisubmarine rocket ASUW antisurface warfare ASV antisurface vessel; antisurface vehicle [e.
FLORIDA MISSION MATRIX Primary OpCon: USCentCom Mission Priority Task Unit OpCon Designation Global Strike 2 StratCom Oper Fires 4 CentCom NSW 1 Socom ASUW 6 CentCom USW 5 CentCom Anti- as directed mining ISR 3 CentCom CSAR 7 CentCom Primary OpCon: USCentCom Date: 10 October 2008 Mission TaCon Comms Weapons Readiness (Traffic/ (Missile/ Bell) Torpedo) Global Strike CTF 144 10 hours/ 50/ 6 hours 1 hour 0 Oper Fires CTF 54 12 hours/ 40/ 24 hours 6 hours 0 NSW JOCC/ Contin.
Prior to joining Owen Media, she was director of the ASUW Experimental College, a student-run non-profit organization.
The MH-60R will continue the legacy SH-60B mission of conducting ASW and ASUW from the decks of cruisers, destroyers and frigates and also deploy as a carrier-based squadron.
The ability to conduct high fidelity ASW or ASUW training in a P-3C TORT will also reduce the number of flight hours required to train crews and help extend the life of the P-3C AIP fleet.
Major programs supported under this contract include the P-3C Aircraft Update II, P-3C Update III including the Block Modification Upgrade Program, ASUW Improvement Program, foreign variants of the P-3C, and future developments such as the Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft.
Navy to lead the multi-million dollar systems integration and program improvement efforts for the fleet's P-3C ASUW (Antisurface Warfare) Improvement Program (AIP).