ASVABArmed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
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10) Men and women in the NLSY97 were given the computer-adaptive form of the ASVAB, which measures a respondent's knowledge and skills in several areas.
Only 12% of the values for income, 16% of ASVAB score, 5% of mother's education, and less than 1% of the data for the remaining independent variables are imputed.
The nature of the NLSY79 enables us to determine a respondent's final level of schooling, and it also contains verbal and math aptitude test scores from the ASVAB tests.
We encourage schools to be transparent with the public about the importance of the ASVAB CEP and its contribution to a well-rounded career information program.
ASVAB scores are up, older applicants are bringing experience and knowledge with them, and the service is selecting the best and brightest out there.
There was also a correlation between a Soldier's ASVAB Skilled Technical (ST) score and his or her test performance: 90 percent of the students who had ST scores of more than 105 received hazmat operations certification, while 43 percent of the students who had ST scores of less than 100 became hazmat operations-certified.
Today, Navy field recruiters can register an applicant, process the applicant's military entrance information, and schedule the applicant's ASVAB exam--all within a seamless transaction.
99); ASVABD Secrets Study Guide: ASVAB Test Review for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery" (9781609712136, $77.
The official minimum ASVAB score to enlist is 31, but recruiting officers say there are no guarantees for anyone who scores lower than a 50, and the average recruit is scoring around 66.
The ASVAB measures knowledge and ability in areas such as science, math, and reading comprehension.
Groups of ASVAB subtest scores are combined into composite line scores, the most important of which for the majority of the medical enlisted specialties is the Skilled Technical (ST) score, a composite of subtests of general science, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mechanical comprehension, and mathematics knowledge.