ASVHArizona State Veteran Home (Phoenix, AZ)
ASVHAutomobiel Sport Vereniging Hellendoorn (Dutch: Motor Sports Association Hellendoorn)
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Dakim users at ASVH include younger residents interested in maintaining their brain health, TBI and Parkinson's patients, veterans with mild dementia, and at least one stroke victim for whom virtually all other activities are not physically possible.
We don't have anything else with the same level of cognitive challenge or the staffing to spend 20 or 30 minutes a day on cognitive therapy one-on-one with a given resident, but Dakim lets them do it themselves or, in the case of residents suffering from dementia, with community volunteers," said Leslie Goin, ASVH Therapeutic Programs Manager.
Dakim BrainFitness is used by more than 400 senior living communities as well as at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to assist soldiers with TBI in regaining cognitive function, but ASVH is our first placement in the veterans home market," said Dakim CEO Dan Michel.