ASVINAssessing and Supporting Veterinary Information Needs (UK)
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a yat samudrad abhi variate vam), and finally (in stanza 6) that the Asvins obtained Surya on a trip during which their horses were bathed in the water:
22) Others have assumed that sincad asvan refers to a moistening that protected the horses from overheating during a race: as a result the Asvins won and obtained Surya.
He equates the Tokharians with the Yuezhi, and the Wusun with the Asvins, as if these are established facts, and refers to his arguments in appendix B.
In the Veda, madhu is specifically associated with the Asvins (cf.
40, in which Ghosa pleads with the Asvins to win her a man who will marry her and give her children (cf.
3 uta sakhasy asvinor / uta mata gavam asi / utoso vasva isise And thou art a friend of the Asvins, and thou art mother of the cows; and thou art mistress of good, O dawn.
O Sura, let the lotus-garlanded Asvins make you tasty.
The answer is found at the opening of the hymn, where each pada begins with pratar in the invocation of Agni, Indra, Mitra-Varuna, the Asvins, Bhaga, etc.
27) after the offering to Indra and before the one to the Asvins (episode D).
The Asvins are addressed as kavi gambhiracetasa "poets of deep thought" in 8.
One of the divinity cycles he did not get around to translating is that dedicated to the Asvins, though he did publish notes to their hymns as the first half of EVP XVI (1967).
The Pravargya consists of rites accompanying the manufacture of a special clay pot, which is heated and filled with milk, and the offering of this milk primarily to the Asvins.