ASVPAda Simulator Validation Program
ASVPAdvanced Strategic Value Propositions (management consulting)
ASVPAustralian Skills Vouchers Program
ASVPAustralian Society for Veterinary Pathology
ASVPAir Saturated Vapor Pressure
ASVPArea Senior Vice President
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ASVP's (Application Specific Virtual Prototypes) created with ASVP Builder are suitable for specifying RTL-based hardware component assemblies, verifying the functional accuracy of the resulting SoC designs and for co-simulating embedded software on the ASVP Builder's hardware simulator(s).
ASVP Builder's implementation as an Open Simulation Platform enables end-user integration of cycle-accurate ARM models with project-specific verification environments, third party hardware and software (HW and SW) development tools, and RTL HW component models for the verification of a complete embedded design.
ARM's Cycle-Callable Models (CCM) complement Cynergy's Open Simulation Platform, which is enabled by the ASVP Builder product," said Jon Connell, Modeling Solutions Engineering manager, ARM.
Both ASVP Builder and the ARM core model options are available from Cynergy now.
Acronyms API Application Programming Interface ASVP Application Specific Virtual Prototype CCM Cycle-callable Model EDA Electronic Design Automation HW Hardware RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing RTL Register Transfer Level SoC System-on-a-chip SW Software
Both RTL-C and ISS processor models can be integrated into an ASVP.
The ASVP Lab tool, introduced last year, provides an open environment for constructing Application Specific Virtual Prototypes (ASVPs).
Note to Editors: The ArchGen, ASVP Lab and the CAE Plus logo are trademarks of CAE Plus, Inc.
Austin, Texas), a supplier of high-level design (HLD) tools, core models, and services for the verification of embedded system integrated circuits (ICs), announced today that it is introducing an open application-specific virtual prototyping environment, ASVP Lab.
ASVP Lab is used for verifying embedded system IC architecture, hardware and software.
ASVP Lab offers embedded systems and software designers the opportunity to increase productivity and improve time-to-market while protecting their existing investment in design tools and models.
Jain added, "We have tested and developed ASVP Lab with several of our partners.