ASVPAda Simulator Validation Program
ASVPAdvanced Strategic Value Propositions (management consulting)
ASVPAustralian Skills Vouchers Program
ASVPAustralian Society for Veterinary Pathology
ASVPAir Saturated Vapor Pressure
ASVPArea Senior Vice President
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Using the ASVP decomposition, they propose a novel approach to identifying and extracting volumetric features from polyhedral objects: (i) ASVP decomposition is applied to the boundary representation of the given object to obtain the alternating sum of volumes; (ii) the ASVP volumes are then converted into feature entities by various combinations of these volumes; (iii) recognized features are then classified into generic groups based on volume contribution and local accessibility information using the normal vectors of the original faces of each component.
Menon and Kim [1994] suggest that local rounding operations such as fillets can be separately recognized and removed from the B-Rep, and the remaining features can be found by subsequently applying ASVP to the approximate part.
Design teams building embedded systems with ARM processor cores, can now use Cynergy's ASVP Builder for cycle-accurate simulation of both the system-on-chip (SoC) hardware design and the software running on the SoC, to get products to market quickly.
ASVP's (Application Specific Virtual Prototypes) created with ASVP Builder are suitable for specifying RTL-based hardware component assemblies, verifying the functional accuracy of the resulting SoC designs and for co-simulating embedded software on the ASVP Builder's hardware simulator(s).
Adding Cynergy to their MIPS Alliance Program lets SoC designers use the clock-accurate 4Kc model in our ASVP Builder environment enabling early, fast and accurate system simulation.
Using Cynergy's ASVP Builder(TM), MIPS customers are able to integrate the clock-accurate Jade model with other application-specific C hardware models, and third-party commercial hardware and software debugging tools, to create complete custom system-level virtual prototypes for early design verification.
Cynergy's third product, ASVP Builder(TM), assembles RTL-C models, the user's embedded software application, and other third party design and debug tools into a standalone high-accuracy system model called an Application Specific Virtual Prototype (ASVP) for simulation.
ASVP Lab adds support for ISS models, complementing the new ArchGen ISS synthesis feature.
The capability of automatically generating ISS processor models and switching between ISS processor models and RTL-C processor models in a simulation environment is an important new feature shared by ArchGen and ASVP Lab.
It can be renewed for a period of 1 year, without this period can not exceed 31 December 2017 alloti market: Lot o 1 "working clothes" Lot o 2 "Shoes - ePI " Lot o 3" work clothes for school staff " Lot o 4" clothing and equipment for the Municipal Police and ASVP " the amount of orders for the initial period is defined as follows: - lot o 1: 2 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 10 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 2 1 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 5 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 3 1 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 5 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 4: 5 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 22 000 (HT) (max) The order amounts will be identical for the period of renewal
Contract notice: Acquisition of protective and defense equipment and work clothing for mpas, Asvps and park wardens of rosny-sous-bois