ASVSApplication Security Verification Standard (Open Web Application Security Project)
ASVSAustralian Standard Vaccination Schedule (National Health and Medical Research Council)
ASVSAmsterdamse Studievereniging Voor Sociaal-geografen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
ASVSArterial Stimulation and Venous Sampling
ASVSAustralian Sheep Veterinary Society
ASVSAlt.Startrek.Vs.Starwars (newsgroup)
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He said the NIH's capacity is being enhanced in view of the increased ASVS demand because of huge increase in population size of the country.
The official said the ASVS is supplied to the Executive District Officers (Health) on their demand for further utilization.
The Provincial and District Health Departments, especially after the 18th Amendment, may handle the situation regarding snakebite cases by realistic stockpiling of ASVS on the basis of past experience.
Out of the supplied anti snake venom serum, 6032 ASVS was supplied to Punjab, 4302 Sindh, 202 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 80 Baluchistan, 1874 Azad Kashmir, 4163 Pakistan Army and 367 to Federal Area.
Moreover, in view of the increased ASVS demands because of the huge increase in population size of the country, the NIH had submitted a revised PC-1 on April 3, 2009 at a cost of Rs 497.
for premises CE 10/09/04 - ASVS Dukla, Jeronmova 522 CE 11/10/04 - Liberec - sports hall, Jeronmova 558 in the anticipated volume of 4.