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The NASW and ASWB (2005) standards on practitioners' use of technology state, "Social workers shall protect client privacy when using technology in their practice and document all services, taking special safeguards to protect client information in the electronic record" (p.
According to the NASW and ASWB (2005) standards on social workers' use of technology, "Social workers who use electronic means to provide services shall.
NASW and ASWB standards for technology and social work practice.
The ASWB developed and began administering social work examinations in 1983, and it claims that its tests "continue to be one of the most important assurances that a social worker possesses the competence to practice responsibly" (ASWB, 2007, p.
The ASWB conducted its last practice analysis of social work in 2003.
ASWB develops and maintains the social work licensing examination used across the country, and is a central resource for information on the legal regulation of social work.
To this end, social workers are justified in being duly cautious of adopting online technologies into their practice until newer standards are added to the existing code and until the Standards for Technology and Social Work Practice (NASW & ASWB, 2005) is updated to include a more deliberate outline of known risks, guidelines, and practical suggestions to safeguard and protect both client and clinician.
Since ASWB (1999) has defined education to be within the scope of social work practice, ASWB's model statute would require all social work faculty teaching any subject to be licensed.
Contrary to Professor Seidl's implication, there are no published (or private) data regarding racial disparities in passing the ASWB licensure examinations (at least that I am aware of).
Admittedly, New York and Michigan faculty will have an easier time of it (only needing certification) compared to Florida and Georgia faculty (who would need licensure involving passing the dreaded ASWB test).
The ASWB (2002) noted that competent practice using technology demands specialized knowledge of both the profession and the technology.
NASW and ASWB have accepted the challenge to recognize the role of technology in practice and are currently working toward the development of practice standards (Stoesen, 2004).