ASYMAmerican Society of Young Musicians
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The FLAP ASYM light is brought on by an asymmetrical condition of the flaps.
I determined that the FLAP ASYM light was accompanied by a change in flight characteristics.
On takeoff roll, eight knots before rotate, the FLAP ASYM light struck again.
The FLAP ASYM light illuminated with takeoff power set in the brakes with no flap-position change.
However--and with no fault of the ammo or the rifle--the rifle simply didn't like the heavier 75- and 77-grain loads from Black Hills and ASYM.
This year the ASYM will honor multitalented songwriter Diane Warren and celebrated producer/music mogul Antonio "L.
The ASYM is a non-profit organization composed of more than 2,000 musicians, music students and studio technicians, between the ages of 17- and 30-something, who share a common commitment to the development and mentorship of young talent in the music business.
Whether you are familiar with Inda Eaton from her ASYM performances at the House of Blues in recent years, or from her catalog of releases -- "Thin Fine Line" (1995), her debut release produced with blues man Spencer Bohren; "Seasons" (1997), a self-composed piano release featuring the Subdudes and Radiators; or her critically acclaimed and AFIM nominated "Never Too Late To Fly" (1998) -- you are undoubtedly familiar with all the steel strumming talents and deep, passionate vocals that this California-bred performer has to offer.
XDM ARMSCOR FMJ/124 1,088 1,108 HORNADY XTP/147 915 927 BLACK HILLS JHP/124 1,131 1,175 FEDERAL GUARD DOG/105 1,161 1,179 FEDERAL HST/147 976 1,011 FEDERAL HST+P/147 1,008 1,041 PROGRADE GOLD DOT/124 1,250 1,284 ASYM SDX+P/115 1,142 1,174 WOLF FMJ/115 1,054 1,101
Block believes that ASYM will leverage its lead position in self-authoring products to effectively cross-sell its consulting services and, consequently, emerge as a leading online learning solution.