ASYVAgahozo Shalom Youth Village (Rwanda)
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Opened in 2008 by social entrepreneur Anne Heyman, the ASYV was built to provide Rwanda's most vulnerable youth with a place to heal and the tools to flourish so that they can invigorate their communities and launch Rwanda to a new level of social and economic success.
President Kagame noted that the ASYV "has restored hope to some of the most vulnerable children in our country.
Race4Rwanda was inspired by Liquidnet employee Rowley Aird who since 2007 has ran a series of 250K ultra-marathons across the Gobi, Sahara and Namibia deserts to support the ASYV.
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To date, Aird's efforts have raised more than $120,000 for the ASYV.
Based on an Israeli model that initially served orphans from the Holocaust, the ASYV is believed to be the first project to bring the concept of a youth village to Africa.
Kagame spoke on the importance of sustaining ASYV, home to 500 orphaned and vulnerable youth.
Today, ASYV is a model community of living, learning, and healing for Rwanda's vulnerable youth.
The ASYV represents an investment in the future of Rwanda, and will prepare the children to make meaningful contributions to their country, enabling them to take on leadership roles in the years ahead.
The formal education at the ASYV ensures access to a structured education program - and thus a future - for many who would not otherwise be able to receive it.
This group - called the Liquidnet Family - has led a strategic planning process for the village, designed and built the ASYV Web site (http://www.