AT-1Angiotensin II Type 1
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However, AT-1 slightly overlapped with FT-3 and FT-4, the most exposed of the FT transects.
A relacao SS AT-1 e mais representativa que a medicao isolada de acucares ou acidez, pois a relacao da uma boa ideia do equilibrio entre esses componentes (CHITARRA;CHITARRA, 2005).
These orcas may look like and live in the same areas as other killer whales, but orcas in the AT-1 group are genetically different and communicate with a different set of sounds.
In pig's coronary arteries, Ang II induces vasoconstriction, through an AT-1 receptor that elicits superoxide production, impairs No generation, and inhibits endothelium-dependent relaxation (63).
AT-1 Internet connection, an anti-sales filter on the phone, and fresh coffee all day.
beaver 7/1 BO-1 moose 1/1 AT-1 beaver 3/3 AT-1 moose 1/1 bear 1/1 moose/?
43bn] through issue of AT-1 Bonds, issue of equity shares through FPO/Preferential Issue/ESOPs/QIP etc,' the bank said.
The FSR reflects QIIB's strong capital adequacy (which will shortly be further bolstered by a new AT-1 issue) and sound, albeit falling, profitability at the operating level.
Although Commercial Bank still has a sound Basel III capital adequacy ratio, the overall capital is more of a constraining factor due to the relatively low free capital to total capital ratio, reflecting the bank's business model (investment in associates which is deducted from free capital under CI's definition) and capital mix (usage of AT-1 and subordinated debt).
These results exceed the previous best test results achieved at AT-1 and further confirm the high deliverability achievable in this field.