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AT-4Anti-Tank 4
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The 980 mm long AT-4 CS HE weighs around nine kilos and proved the considerable destructive effect of its airburst warhead when flying over two cars located at a range of 400 metres during the demonstration.
AT-4 is a vertical well located approximately 10 km to the east of AT-2 and is the first well to be drilled on the eastern flank of the field.
Stewart Goodman, the battalion sniper-squad leader and AT-4 range-safety officer.
This reviewer recalls vividly the case of the shoulder-fired AT-4 anti-armor rocket, where the "required" thickness of steel was reduced to what the weapon's demonstrably-inadequate warhead could penetrate.
The deliveries include vests and simulators for weapons including M16A2/M4 rifles, M2 heavy machine guns, M24 sniper rifles and AT-4 weapons.
Saab's AT-4 disposable rocket launcher and Carl GustafM3 recoilless gun have been a sine qua non for numerous special forces around the world for years, and the latter comes with a wide choice of rounds.
5mm and 2,000 meters 20mm heavy sniper rifles 60mm mortar 2,500 meters(out to 5,500m for the long range versions) Guided AT missiles Milan, Arrow 8, 2,000-3,000 meters AT-4, AT-5, AT-7 82mm mortar 4,000 meters 120mm mortar 7,000 meters 107mm artillery rocket 9,000 meters 122mm artillery rocket 18,000 meters Figure 1--Approximate Ranges of Common Former Soviet/Warsaw Pact Weapons
Army an impressive variety of realistic MILES SLM Weapons Effects Simulators, including the AT-4, leading opposing forces SLM and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG).
Michael Mullahy seconds after he fired an AT-4 rocket at an insurgent position during a firefight in Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood.
In actual practice in Iraq, a sniper or enemy position in a building meant that the floor of that building--or more often than not the entire building--was destroyed by a tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (TOW) missile; an AH-64 or OH-58 helicopter; a tank main gun round; a shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon-disposable (SMAW-D); or an AT-4 light antitank weapon.
Mounted on the M4 and M16 series weapons and the M136 AT-4, the LTWS can be employed in light, airborne, air assault, ranger, and mechanized infantry squads.
Barracuda camouflage systems, weapon systems such as the Carl Gustaf recoilless gun and the AT-4 disposable rocket launcher have been widely adopted.