AT-STAll Terrain Scout Transport (Star Wars)
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the AT in the AT-ST relationship as a mother hen (AT 1);
Now, collectors can build their own version of the AT-ST using more than 1,000 LEGO(R) bricks with Star Wars(TM) Ultimate Collector's AT-ST(TM) from LEGO(R).
The launch of the new "Star Wars" line includes the famous X-wing Starfighter, Millennium Falcon, Imperial AT-ST (Chicken Walker) and more, for a total of 18 different vessels in six collections.
Facing the Rebels are the Emperor as the king, Darth Vader as the queen, Boba Fett as bishop, the Sand Person as knight, an AT-ST as a rook and stormtroopers as pawns.
Stunning game engine footage begins with a battle in the forests of Endor, AT-ST, stormtroopers and rebels going head to head - cut to snowspeeders and AT-ATs clashing in the snow on Hoth, X-Wings darting through canyons on Tatooine and Tie-Fighters scrambling for battle.
They're about the size of a buffalo with a small AT-ST styled head, guns in the same location, but with 4 mini AT-AT legs.
Marquand also tried his hand at acting in the film, appearing as an AT-ST pilot and voiced the character of EV-929, in Jabba the Hut's palace.