AT1Angiotensin II Type 1
AT1Accounting Theory 1 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
AT1Antenna Toscana 1 (Italian: Radio Antenna 1 Tuscany; radio station)
AT1Alveolar Type 1 (cytology)
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We expect to see additional issuances eligible for AT1 over the next two years as countries start to implement Basel III.
7%) of the artesunate tablet brands AT1, AT2, AT4, AT5, AT6 & AT7 were under dose (range: 42-85.
Members of both the Gulf of Alaska-Aleutian Islands-Bering Sea transient stock and the AT1 transient stock (Allen and Angliss, 2010) have been photographically identified over the past 27 summer seasons (Matkin et al.
Recently, AT1 receptors, especially the effects of AT1 receptor antagonists on the regression of atherosclerosis, are being researched intensively.
7GHz processor, AT1 Mobility Fire GL T2 graphics with 128MB DDR video memory, DVD+RW optical drive, 15-inch screen, Multi-Bay technology and internal wireless 802.
The two companies said that the CS-088 is an antagonist to the ''angiotensin II AT1 receptor'' which causes intraocular pressure to rise.
But, now with discreet AT1 graphics on all models, 4GB of RAM as standard and more pixels squeezed into the LED-backlit screen (2560x1440 on the 27in model), Apple's all-in-one just keeps on pushing the envelope.
Culture Club members can get two tickets for the price of one for Barb's concert by calling the Gala box office on (0191) 332-4041 and quoting AT1.
Five brands, AT1, AT3, AT5, AT7 and AT8 have crushing strength values <5 kgf and are considered suboptimal, while the other brands, AT 2, AT4, AT6 and AT9 with values >5 kgf are considered optimal (14).
James Thomas, crew chief AO2 Chris Pearce, and rescue swimmer AT1 Jason Van Buren taxied Bay Raider 33 to a stop in front of the hangar.
AT1 Perry jettisoned the external load, and the instantaneous release caused the cargo hook to snap back, hitting and lacerating his arm.