AT1Angiotensin II Type 1
AT1Accounting Theory 1 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
AT1Antenna Toscana 1 (Italian: Radio Antenna 1 Tuscany; radio station)
AT1Alveolar Type 1 (cytology)
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Pakistan is likely to witness a spate of AT1 issuance in the wake of the successful combined placement of Rs14 billion from two commercial banks.
Also, during the third quarter (Q3), Burgan Bank Group recorded an underlying net income (excluding precautionary reserves & after AT1 cost) of KD17.
The Ba2(hyb) rating assigned to BIL's AT1 securities is based on the likelihood of BIL's capital ratio reaching the conversion trigger, the probability of a bank-wide failure and loss severity, if either or both events occur.
Regardless of the atropine concentration used, pretreatment with this muscarinic antagonist reduced the effect of 1 U/kg insulin on %GR since the pretreated rats displayed a decrease of about 64% in this parameter (AT1 +1 U vs AT1 +V and AT5 +1 U vs AT5 + V) in contrast with the non-pretreated (C + 1 U) ones that showed a 91% reduction in %GR compared to their respective control (C+V).
The apex bank outlined its misgivings about the AT1 format in its July Capital Review Paper 2 consultation document, which is open to responses until September 8.
Burgan recorded an underlying net income (excluding precautionary reserves & after AT1 cost) of KD23.
While Government of India has committed capital support to PSBs to sustain their capital ratios above regulatory minimum, the coupon on AT1 bonds can only be serviced through current year's profit or from revenue reserves and hence any capital infusion by government alone cannot improve the bank's ability to service coupon on these bonds," it said.
This, it said is consistent with the growth of Islamic assets in Gulf Cooperation Council countries overall, exceeding conventional asset growth rates and driving Islamic banks to source funding and capital through AT1 and other capital market sukuk issuances.
Based on these attributes, ordinary shares are the strongest form of capital, followed by AT1 capital and then Tier 2 capital.
The IFSB defines sukuk eligible for AT1 inclusion as musharaka sukuk, where the underlying asset is the whole business of the issuing bank.
Designing the extensions in this way was key for AT1 to make their aftermarket accessory flow seamlessly with the firearm.
The median number of individuals identified annually was similar for both populations (AT1=7; GOA=8), but mark-recapture estimates showed the AT1 whales to have much higher fidelity to the study area, whereas the GOA whales had a higher exchange of individuals.