AT2Angiotensin type-2
AT2Angiotensin Type 2
AT2Alveolar Type 2
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AT2 is a brain receptor responsible for angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels.
2 N (> 4 kgf) and were considered to be satisfactory while AT2 & AT3 had a crushing strength of 27 N & 23 N (< 4 kgf), respectively and can be described as soft tablets.
In the recent reports, Marfan mice lacking the AT2 receptor had greater TGF-beta signaling and more aortic root dilation than did Marfan mice with intact AT2 receptors.
Therefore, the number of available sites for H-bonding decrease and this may be the reason for the HBI values of AT2, AT3, and AT5 are smaller than that of ATI.
We have shown previously that the Ang II receptor AT2 can function in a ligand-independent manner and that the AT2 can interact with the cytoplasmic ATP-binding region of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) ErbB3.
Questions arising from our analysis of AT2 and AT3's metaphor development: What is it that drives the AT to feel that it is sufficient to be an uncritical provider for the ST?
To elucidate the physiological role of the Angiotensin II ReceptorAT2, we used yeast two-hybrid assay to identify cellular proteins that may directly interact with the AT2 and mediate its signaling.
From these, a new strain of Pseudomonas, AT2, was isolated.
Leica Biosystems, a global leader in automation and workflow solutions for anatomic pathology, announced the registration of the Aperio AT2 high throughput digital slide scanner, as a CE-marked medical device for in vitro diagnosis (IVD) in Europe.
AT2 Vetter then wrote the Maintenance Action Form, resulting in the aircraft being quickly brought back into service after the swivel was removed and replaced.
AT2 Scott Nottingham, assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 87, studies technical manuals in the hangar bay of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).
A total of nine brands of artesunate designated as ATI, AT2, AT3, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, and AT8 were compared with the reference drug, AT9.