AT21Agile Transportation for the 21st Century
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Nevertheless, our efficiency proposals to the secretary of defense and our AT21 program will improve our organization even more by properly aligning command relationships while eliminating redundancies and optimizing our use of technology.
The AT21 solution considers such constraints as weather, routing restrictions, diplomatic clearances, and transportation infrastructure.
One AT21 objective, said the general, is to create a new delivery schedule within 10 minutes of receiving a movement request.
TRANSCOMs AT21 initiative is a key evolution in improving support to the warfighter, and we're proud to work with SAIC," stated Steve Geary, president of Supply Chain Visions, Inc.
From the operational standpoint, AT21 will look at lift optimization processes and data; and employ an intelligent web-form that will tie it all together.
It is important to note that AT21 is primarily a business process-based solution applying rules formulated according to metric evaluations, enabled by IT capabilities.
How will AT21 work for users not familiar with cargo movement?
AT21 will automatically determine the best way to move cargo.
said Bruce Busler, JDPAC Director and AT21 visionary.
Operators who benefit from AT21, for example, use (or will use) apps to plan, prepare, execute and assess distribution pipeline activities.
Neverheless, they are important to AT21 and provide a broader understanding of the program's underpinnings.
A key task for AT21 planners is to inject efficiency into the distribution pipeline through better process management, consistent business rules and workflows.