AT5Amstel Televisie 5 (Dutch: Amstel Television 5; news channel; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Similarly, the dissolution profiles of AT5, AT6, AT7 and AT8 as shown in Fig.
Four brands, AT5, AT6, AT7 and AT8 exhibited >90% dissolution in <10 min (Table 2 and Fig.
Our results so far show that the four brands of artesunate, AT5, AT6, AT7 and AT8 can be interchanged in clinical settings.
AT5, AT6, AT7 and AT8 can be considered bioequivalent and interchangeable.
7%) of the artesunate tablet brands AT1, AT2, AT4, AT5, AT6 & AT7 were under dose (range: 42-85.
Therefore, the number of available sites for H-bonding decrease and this may be the reason for the HBI values of AT2, AT3, and AT5 are smaller than that of ATI.
Although it is difficult to define peak shift amplitude due to the diffused profile, it still can be seen that the curves of ATI and AT2 have almost the same profiles, while the curve of AT5 clearly exhibits the three typical peaks that represent--OH groups located along the edges of the AT nanorod.
9, the experimental value of HDT gradually increases with increasing AT content, and in case of AT5, the value increase upto 100.