ATAACAir To Air After Cooler
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Standard features include a CAT C-10 ATAAC 360 hp engine; hydrostatic closed circuit transmission; large screening area; Hydraulic Pilot Control system on both sides of operator platform for ease of use; and a safe and comfortable shock absorbent operator platform.
The 325C FM is powered by the Tier II emissions compliant Caterpillar 3126B ATAAC (turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled) six-cylinder diesel engine rated 180 net hp.
2 t (30 ton) payload, with a net power of 228 kW generated from a Cat 3196C ATAAC engine.
The all-new M316C, as well as the M318C and M322C, are powered by the six-cylinder Caterpillar 3056E ATAAC diesel engine rated 138, 151 and 164 hp respectively.
A Caterpillar 3126B with ATAAC engine provides more power, fuel economy and reduced maintenance.
The gen-set is powered by a Cat 3456 ATAAC diesel, driving a Leroy Somer SR4B brushless, permanent magnet dual wound generator with a VR3 voltage regulator.
It is, however, widely accepted that the air-to-air aftercooler or ATAAC is the most effective method of lowering charge air temperatures in diesel engines.
Cat's ATAAC air-to-air aftercooling is used on all ratings.
The newest 400, however, has the Cat 3406 DITA ATAAC (Air-To-Air-After-Cooled) engine which develops 400 hp.
0 yd(3) Engine Cat 3176C ATAAC - 290 hp Undercarriage Long * Overall Length 17 ft.