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ATACAir Transport Association of Canada
ATACAdvanced Tactical
ATACAgenzia Per I Trasporti autoferrotranviari del Comune Di Roma
ATACAmerican Teens Against Crime (Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers book series)
ATACAdvanced Traceability And Control
ATACAdvanced Team Attack Control (Counter-Strike gaming plugin)
ATACAdvanced Tactical Air Command
ATACAustralian Transport Advisory Council
ATACAir Transportation Association of Canada
ATACAssociation of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople (Bloomfield, NJ)
ATACAdvanced Tactics Airsoft Class (Albany, OR)
ATACAntiterrorist Alert Center
ATACAutomatic Targeting Attack Communicator (from the movie For Your Eyes Only)
ATACAnti-Terrorism Advisory Committee
ATACAzienda Tramvie e Autobus del Comune Di Roma
ATACAsociación Tecnológica Amateur de Comunicaciones
ATACAdvanced Technology Advisory Committee
ATACArt Talks Artists' Collective
ATACAssociation Technique pour l'Action Culturelle (French: Technical Association for Cultural Action)
ATACAssociation Terre d'Aragon en Cabardès (French: Land Association of Aragon Cabardès; Aragon, France)
ATACAvaya Technology and Consulting
ATACAerospace Technology Advisory Committee
ATACAdaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (more commonly seen as ATRAC)
ATACAIDS Treatment Action Coalition
ATACAnti Terrorism Alert Center (US)
ATACAdvanced Technology Assessment Center
ATACArmy Tank-Automotive Center (US Army; predecessor to TACOM)
ATACArizona Transfer Articulation Committee (Phoenix, AZ)
ATACantiterrorism alert center (Navy) (US DoD)
ATACAir Transportable Acoustic Communication
ATACAir-Transportable Acoustic Communication
ATACAir Tasking Authority Commander
ATACAcquisition Transformation Action Council
ATACApparel Textile Action Committee (Canada)
ATACAdvanced Technical Assistance Center
ATACAdvanced Tactical Assault Command (gaming group)
ATAC(acrylamidopropyl)trimethylammonium Chloride
ATACAdvanced Tactics and Countermeasures
ATACAsset Tracking and Accountability Control System
ATACAirborne Tactical Air Coordinator
ATACAegis Tactical Assessment Capability
ATACAll Terrain Articulated Crane
ATACAtrial Tachycardia (medical)
ATACAnti-Terrorism Advisory Council
ATACArimidex, Tamoxifen Alone or in Combination (cancer study)
ATACArea Tallahassee Aquatic Club (Florida)
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Operating since 1996, ATAC provides high fidelity tactical airborne training along with various other aerospace related services to the US DOD and foreign militaries.
Saving an estimated $100 million per year while preserving hundreds of flight years on F/A-18's, ATAC has become an indispensable part of Naval Fleet training and readiness.
ATAC represents 12 Scotland supporters clubs and their members were so appalled when ticket prices were revealed at the start of the season they demanded talks with the SFA.
Civilian TARP rep resentatives are stationed geographically around the world, deploy with Carrier Strike Groups and Amphibious Readiness Groups, where they support both the Aviation and Ground Marines, and supplement ATAC to operate mobile nodes when necessary.
Michael Baum, a well-known innovative breast surgeon, then at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London (who had performed the first adjuvant tamoxifen trial), with close colleagues decided to compare tamoxifen with anastrozole and with both drugs together in a three arm trial that we called ATAC (Arimadex, Tamoxifen Alone or in Combination).
To view full specs on the ATAC flashlights, visit www.
We are thrilled to partner with the ATAC team to leverage the Company's track record of success to pursue attractive opportunities both here in the US and overseas.
ATAC is a private sector body that provides technical advice on agricultural trade issues to the secretary of agriculture and the U.
We are very excitedby the new participation in the ATAC project, which is a clear indicator of the bright growth prospects for the Asian subscription-TV sector," said Peter Bullard, whose consultancy P1 is driving the ATAC program.
Coun Sennett, who denied threatening to block funding bids by ATAC and claimed another allegation had been 'twisted', has the right to appeal the decision to suspend him.
We've reported previously that dozens of migrants who studied with ATAC in the hope of getting the English qualification they need to qualify for British citizenship had been forced to wait months for their certificates.
ATAC is a double-blind, 21-nation clinical trial in which 6,241 postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer were randomized to 5 years of anastrozole or tamoxifen, a drug with a well-established track record in reducing recurrence risk in patients with hormone receptor-positive disease.