ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATACMSArmy Tactical Advanced Conventional Munitions System (US Army)
ATACMSArmy Tactical Cruise Missile System
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Army awards Lockheed Martin with $78 million Contract for ATACMS modernization", 7 January 2015, http:// www.
This was our seventh consecutive successful test in the ATACMS modernization program," said Matt Berger, Precision Fires program manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
The ATACMS is a tactical missile that is nicknamed "steel rain," referring to how pieces of missile fragments fell from the sky during the Iraq War.
The Navy has Tomahawk land attack missiles (which are launched from the 8,000 tubes) and carrier-based tactical strike aircraft; the Air Force has F-15E and F-16 tactical fighter aircraft and B-2, B-1, and B-52 bombers; the Army has the long-range ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System); and the Marine Corps has the F-18C/D (which is capable of strike missions).
The deal requires to produce 150 ATACMS missiles under the ATACMS Service Life Extension Programme, as a part of which the missile is being refurbished.
Yunanistan'in sahip oldugu 145 km menzilli ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) fuzeleriyse, aynilarina Turkiye'nin sahip oldugu taktik saha kullanimina yonelik konvansiyonel silahlar olarak degerlendirilmelidir.
By 2004, the South Korean Army had purchased some 220 ATACMS missiles from the United States, Yonhap said.
Impressed by their accuracy, the Army has increased its use of ATACMS, from 32 missiles fired in Desert Storm 15 years ago to 456 that were launched in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Harris said.
We've got to apply indirect fire and CAS planning to kill the target with anything from the M203 40-mm high explosive (HE) through 60-mm, 81-mm and 120-mm mortars into the artillery of 105-mm, 155-mm to MLRS (multiple-launch rocket system) to ATACMS (Army tactical missile system)--the entire panoply of indirect fires.
The cold-conditioned ATACMS Block II Missile flew a long range trajectory and dispensed the payload at the proper location.
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