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ATACSArmy Tactical Communications System
ATACSAmphibious Tactical Air Control System
ATACSArmy Tactical Area Communications System
ATACSAutomated Tactical Manual Supplement
ATACSAdvanced Train Administration and Communications System
ATACSArmy Tactical Air Control System
ATACSAcquisition Tracking and Control System
ATACSAll-Terrain All-purpose Cart Sled
ATACSAdvanced Tank Cannon System
ATACSAdvanced Target Acquisition Counterfire System
ATACSAsset Tracking and Accountability Control System (US Navy)
ATACSAdvanced Tactical Air Command System
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Both ATACS and 4SCORE offer an economical solution to our needs.
The ATACS software product is helping customers to combat the global $10 to $15 billion telecommunications fraud problem.
The Intelligent Case Management (ICM) system in ATACS uses HNC's behavior profiling methodology to highlight the most likely fraud first.
We are confident that our ATACS solution will help NTL increase profits by accurately detecting more types of fraud sooner, while improving the efficiency of their fraud analysts," said Tony Patterson, president, HNC Telecommunications Solutions.
AXXENT is a rapidly growing Canadian carrier, and we're thrilled that ATACS Online can meet their needs for more reliable fraud detection.
5 million in fraud losses in the first six months of using ATACS, generating a return of more than 300 percent on their original investment.
ATACS Online makes advanced fraud detection possible for growing communication service providers without high up-front costs, while providing an additional cost-effective, scalable application service provider (ASP) deployment alternative for larger scale customers and their resellers.
The ATACS Online service includes a Web-based front-end which streamlines the fraud detection process for the service provider's fraud analysts.
ATACS offers advanced functionality and scalability, and is used by carriers offering fixed-line, wireless and Internet access services.
ATACS will be used by a dedicated fraud management team with the carrier's long distance services.
The Intelligent Case Management (ICM) system in ATACS 5 uses HNC's patented behavior profiling methodology to highlight the most likely fraud first.
ATACS 5 builds on the success and proven advantages of the ATACS product line.