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ATADAutothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion
ATADAtmospheric Transport and Dispersion (model)
ATADAuto Thermal Aerobic Digestion
ATADAccess Telerobotic Assembly Demonstration
ATADAssociation for Teen- Age Diplomats (est. 1951; Rochester, NY)
ATADAcute Thrombosed Aortic Dissection (surgery)
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While they're both equally yummy, the guys stand divided between which one of the two is just atad hotter .
ATAD aggressive, distinctly flash and sharp suits - whether male or female.
2008 ATAD and activated sludge improvements, East Wenatchee; apparent low bidder was Pacific Drest of Lynnwood.
Texas is very similar to those tracks, except that it might be atad faster, and more dangerous.
This coalition was an umbrella organization for nine of the most active unions (Obras Sanitarias--waterworks; Asociacion Bancaria--bank employees; CISADEMS, AMED, SADOP--teachers; ASEJ--Courthouse employees; ATAD, UOEM--public administrators, and meat workers).
Y dydd, y ceisiodd dy dad wra yt, a'i roi atad, un o'th lygaid a neidiawdd o'th ben, hyn a'th boenai'n hawdd; a thrannoeth aeth yr wyneb oll yn iach, ni bu well neb.
lt; < Stockton $5,000 Hilario Moreno < < Compton $4,000 Marcial DeGuzman < < Vallejo $2,500 Rigoberto Alvarez < < Redwood $2,000 Mavis Hutchins < < Fyffe, $2,000 Ana Turpin < < San Lea- $1,750 Jennifer Shahon < < Carmich- $1,750 Santiago Atad < < Stockton $1,750 Rodney Hepper < < Stockton $1,750 TOTAL < < $177,500
Hetherston, as you may have guessed, is a big Nacho Novo fan, even if he has made some Saturday afternoons atad more uncomfortable at his work.