ATAEAutomotive Trade Association Executives (est. 1915)
ATAEAviation Training for Aviation Engineers
ATAEAviation Academy Training Aircraft Engineers for the Aviation Industry (est. 1998; Australia)
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The ATAE cluster solution not only shortens delivery cycles and
provides speedy services, it also offers greater reliability with the ATAE
To date, more than 100 ATAE cluster solutions have been deployed by leading operators, according to Huawei.
29) See Eugene TeSelle, "Pelagius and Pelagianism," ATAE 633-40.
309, for what Augustine means by "sacrament" in marriage; Cutrone, "Sacraments (Sacrament as a Sacred Sign)," ATAE 741-42; and Owen M.
His peers recognized the leadership skills he demonstrated at ACPA, and he quickly rose to the top of the ATAE volunteer ladder.
He welcomed professional society leaders into ATAE, to work side by side with trade association executives to enhance the profession.
1956: ATAE becomes the American Society of Association Executives, by a member vote of 613-54, to include professional and technical society executives as members.
ATAE's decision in 1949 to build on its eight-page monthly newsletter and add the more expansive ATAE Journal heralded a confidence in the development of the profession.
A full-time stenographer-bookkeeper is acquired to assist the ATAE president.
The ATAE Cluster solution was successfully deployed on a UK leading operator's network in August 2012.
I look forward to working with ATAEs across the country in an effort to create relationships that will further advance the understanding and value of TrueCar's service and vision.