ATAGAuthoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
ATAGAir Transport Action Group
ATAGAid to Artisans Ghana
ATAGAmphibian Taxon Advisory Group
ATAGAutomatic Tag
ATAGAssistant to the Adjutant General
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Key staff were also retained - and ATAG has since worked to successfully fulfil the customer's existing contracts.
Michael Gill, Executive Director of ATAG said: "The partnership builds on the collaborative action taking place across the commercial aviation sector.
ATAG (2005): "The economic and social benefits of air transport".
KS ATAG is certainly no stranger to casting blocks.
Asia/Pacific Growth Slows But Will Double Rest of World, ATAG Says, AVIATION DALLY, July 22, 1997, at 127 [hereinafter Asia/Pacific Growth Slows]; Fisher, supra note 84, at 329.
Everyone would receive a set percentage of salary once ATAG was registered to the ISO 9001 standard.
tax expert, is a vice-director in the Tax Department (Gobal Employment Solutions) of ATAG Ernst & Young AG, Zurich
ATAG Cable Solutions designs, manufactures, tests and supplies a wide range of high performance cables for all types of industries, including electronics, oil and gas, marine and energy sectors.
ATAG and UAAG are also in the process of being updated, and community input is encouraged.
The flights will also carry a message from the aviation industry itself as the ATAG Aviation & Environment Summit's Declaration will be delivered to leaders at Rio+20 (www.
The Geneva-based Air Transport Action Group or ATAG, which lobbies for more investment in infrastructure, said its latest figures underlined the importance of the airline industry to the world economy.