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In seeking better treatment outcomes, the ATAG will review current processes and systems that may present barriers in accessing treatment, as well as follow-up mechanisms that aim to reduce the risk of relapse.
ATAG (2005): "The economic and social benefits of air transport".
Porsche AG, KS ATAG had, like other block casters, performed simply a cubing operation on the blocks: the initial Op.
ATAG said that by the end of the decade, the industry was expected to be employing 31 million people and contributing pounds 1.
The annual ATAG report also stated that there will be 871m people using air travel to, from and within the Asia-Pacific region by 2014, which is more than twice the number recorded in 1999.
According to ATAG, by the end of the decade the industry is expected to be employing 31m people and contributing USD1.
E In Latin America and the Caribbean alone aviation directly employs over 465,000 people," says Paul Steele, Executive Director of ATAG, the global association that represents air transport.
Having these three aviation leaders set aside their competitive differences and work together in support of biofuel development, underscores the importance and focus the industry is placing on sustainable practices," said ATAG Executive Director Paul Steele.
O ATAG Executive Director Paul Steele, who also serves as IATA's top official on environmental issues, said that Owhile it seems as if significant progress has been made in the broader climate agreement, with an extension to the Kyoto Protocol and a roadmap for a future legally binding agreement, there was yet again no progress at the UNFCCC on getting a global sectoral approach for aviation emissions.
ATAG, Carrara and Matta, Luxor, DAB, Castolin, Elbi, Tenaris-Dalmine, Unidelta, GT Comis, Olab.