ATAKAparangi Tautoko Auahi Kore (Maori: Maori Smokefree Coalition; New Zealand)
ATAKAssociation of Tourist Attractions in Kent (UK)
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8220;We're pleased to be asked to supply NJ beach sand and sculpture sand used for 'recreating' the Jersey Shore right in the heart of Newark, New Jersey,” explains ATAK Trucking owner Tom Torocco.
ATAK also gives consumers the option of pick-up or delivery service, depending on what is most convenient and economical to suit their purposes.
STAR" is the short-distance intercity transportation/ shuttle bus version of ATAK, featuring a high floor, best in class luggage space and can accommodate up to 29 seated passangers.
The DOT-approved rock salt offered by ATAK Trucking has been keeping roadway and walkway surfaces safer during the winter months since 1986.
Equipped with at least 76 rockets for close air support and advanced electronic war materials, ATAK will use locally manufactured 'Mizrak' anti-tank missiles.
The helicopter was developed as a part of the ATAK project, which has been under way since late 2007.
T129 ATAK with the best of class power to weight ratio has crashworthy design to MIL-STD-1290 and incorporates multi weapon asymmetric loading capability.
com), a world leader in designing and developing revolutionary 3D fabrics and composites, announced today it has signed a long-term strategic alliance with ATAK, Inc.
T129 ATAK is the result of the integration of nationally developed high-tech avionic equipment and weapon systems with the combat proven A129 airframe, with upgraded engines, transmission, and rotor blades," it said.
Furthermore, Azerbaijan is interested in national ATAK helicopters from the TA?