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ATALAAssociation pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues (French: Association for Natural Language Processing; computational linguistics)
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Helen Atala Geara claimed a number of campaigns were now making different demands, such as removing the Kafala system.
Dr Atala hopes his technique will solve both this and psychological issues because his penises would be engineered using a patient's own cells.
Atala, a urological surgeon and professor regenerative medicine, and his team had also successfully bioengineered other body organs such as a bladder in 1999 and a vagina in 2005.
The feat, which Atala and colleagues inMexicodescribe in the journal the Lancet, is the latest demonstration from the growing field ofregenerative medicine, a discipline in which doctors take advantage of the body's power to regrow and replace cells.
It is not known whether the women could get pregnant; only two have wombs, Atala said.
I recently joined the team at Viva Brazil and I've been inspired by the amazing way they cook their authentic Brazilian dishes so I decided to attempt to recreate them at home with the help of famous Brazilian chef Alex Atala.
For over fifteen years Chef Atala has worked with local Brazilian scientists and anthropologists to document new agricultural products from the Amazon.
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This model was compared to human liver cells from deceased donors and found to be equivalent, suggesting that stem cell-derived hepatocytes have potential to improve the preclinical assessment of liver toxicity," said Anthony Atala, MD, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and Editor of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine.
However, he hopes to have immediate discussions with Pedro Atala, president of the Liga Nacional giants, and secure a return to Leith in time for the start of the next campaign.
A FORMER girlfriend of alleged Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, who played a major role in exposing the involvement of politicians and police in drug deals in Goa, has named Roy Naik, son of state's former home minister Ravi Naik, as one of the prime links to drug mafia.
Editors Robert Lanza and Anthony Atala are affiliated with Wake Forest School of Medicine.