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ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Peripheral Interface
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The ATAPI specification was not designed to handle the fast transfer rates (up to 62.
Model AI-321040 - Internal ATAPI, Available December
Later, in order to eliminate the extra cost of the host adapter, the ATAPI specification was added to the ATA standard as a method for transmitting SCSI commands across ATA hardware by encapsulating or packetizing much of the SCSI protocol into standard ATA data transfers.
The Seagate TapeStor Travan 40 GB is a bundled solution containing the Hornet 40 ATAPI drive, one data cartridge, backup software, an install poster and all required installation hardware.
Designed to install into the latest PCI-Express slot of either a standard height or low profile PC, this controller can be used to connect two IDE or ATAPI devices or a combination of each in master/slave configuration.
Ricoh is bringing out an ATAPI version for laptop and portable computer connections.
Expected to roll out of the factory in September, the ATAPI drive will retail for only $549 with the SCSI version slightly higher.
With this product, designers can, for the first time, use a single-chip controller that provides all analog and digital functions for red and blue laser DVD and CD from servo system to ATAPI interface.
The Storage Tower (Model # ST4US) features four Addonics USIB connectors on the back panel, which allows users to connect up to four IDE or ATAPI devices inside the Storage Tower to the USB 2.