ATBMAlat Tenun Bukan Mesin (Indonesian: Manual Loom)
ATBMantitactical ballistic missile (US DoD)
ATBMAverage Time Between Maintenance
ATBMAdvanced Tactical Ballistic Missile
ATBMAdvanced Tactical Battle Management (circa 1985 predecessor to Tactical Battle Management, TBM)
ATBMAcellular Tubular Basement Membrane (pathology)
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After it was launched in May 2013, word quickly got around about the ATBM procedure all over the world.
The emergence of digital dermatoscopy in recent years didn't change that fact and ATBM technology won't either.
We started our ATBM programme in 1999 and in terms of capabilities, we are way ahead of them," he added.
ATBM - who now face prosecution - have denied there was a hold-up before the lights turned red.
South Korea is preparing to buy hundreds of ATBMs to construct its personal air defense structure named KAMD (the Korean Air and Missile Defense) due to rising missile terrorization from North Korea.
The Russian Army's Antey S-300V was required from the outset to have an ATBM capability.
ATBM (Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile) - Shooting the Air Force in Crete in 2013.
I will then examine the Arrow ATBM program -- including the system's origins, capabilities and costs -- and the associated boost-phase-intercept concept.
Before addressing the Arrow ATBM, an examination of the ballistic missile threat facing Israel is warranted.