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ATBSActive Time Battle System (gaming)
ATBSATB Securities, Inc (Alberta Treasury Branches)
ATBSAttitudes Towards Benefits Scale (study)
ATBSAntibiotic Therapy for Bacterial Sinusitis
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Then calculated quantities of ATBS and initiator AIBN (0.
1]H-NMR spectra of ATBS and MOD 1 were recorded using a Brucker 300 MHz NMR spectrophotometer at ambient temperature.
In the IR spectrum of ATBS modified polyurethane dispersion (MOD 1), the following bands are observed: the characteristics band of [NH.
1]H-NMR spectrum of ATBS showed the following signals: 1.
The signal for the protons of vinyl group of ATBS is not detected at 5.
The increase of particle size (Table 5) was primarily due to branching caused by grafting of vinyl group of ATBS onto polyester backbone of MOD 1.
Thus, from the thermal indexes as a criterion of thermal stability, it can be inferred that ATBS modified polyurethane dispersion (MOD 1) had the higher thermal stability than PUD 1, indicating a synergistic effect.
However, the effect of ATBS modification on resistance of PUDs is very evident from enhanced alkali resistance of MOD 1 as compared to PUD 1.
Table 3--Regression of ATBS factors with Turnover, Absenteeism, & Performance Unstandardized Standardized Model Coefficients Coefficients t Sig.