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ATCAAlien Tort Claims Act
ATCAAdvanced Telecom Computing Architecture (also AdvancedTCA)
ATCAAlaska Tobacco Control Alliance
ATCAAir Traffic Controllers Association
ATCAAntique Telephone Collectors Association
ATCAAirline Training Center Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
ATCAAdvanced Tanker Cargo Aircraft
ATCAAllied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCAAustralian Telescope Compact Array
ATCAAir Traffic Control Assistant
ATCAAiredale Terrier Club of America, Inc.
ATCAAdvance Thin Capitalisation Agreement (UK)
ATCAAiredale Terrier Club Argentino (Brazil)
ATCAAlarm Threshold Crossing Alert
ATCAAmerican Telephone Collectors Association (University of Michigan)
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Founded in 1956 by a group of air traffic controllers, ATCA serves more than 3,500 members throughout the world--individual air traffic controllers as well as aviation associations, educational institutions, the government and military, and companies managing and providing equipment and services in the aviation community.
5V, thereby offering additional voltage margin to ensure systems are ready to operate at minimum ATCA voltage requirements, even in low temperature environments or in case of power line disturbances.
Our new video optimization solution is another example of our continued leadership in delivering powerful ATCA solutions to TEMs, meeting their requirements for lowered costs and accelerated time-to-market," said Keate Despain, vice president and general manager, Platforms, Radisys.
8220;The ATCA2000 puts large pools of networked flash storage in the ATCA chassis to eliminate I/O bottlenecks and deliver astounding performance for applications that require high IOPS/GB and/or low response times, such as server virtualization, database and video media delivery,” stated Steve Looby, Director of Product Marketing at SANBlaze.
ATCA provides federal jurisdiction for a limited class of international wrongs, e.
Engineered using field-proven Emerson technology, the 14-slot, 13U Centellis 4410 platform core is pre-validated with a variety of ATCA processor blades and enabling software, giving network equipment providers the ability to develop and deploy revenue-generating services quickly, cost effectively and with less business risk.
Ideologically, however, the most significant judicial interpretation developments have favored human rights advocates, raising the possibility that much of the corporate success has been the result of thin or overextended cases rather than any inherent weakness in the ATCA itself.
To maximize system throughput and flexibility, the KAT4000 provides separate control/management and data planes, each with its own independent switching capability and ATCA fabric connection.
No plaintiff has yet won an ATCA case against a company, but Collingsworth has persisted, pitting his small staff against the nation's white-shoe firms and weathering appeal after appeal.
Since then, ATCA has been used to bring claims of torture, murder and other internationally recognized human rights violations against government officials, including Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Radovan Karadzic of Serbia.
ATCA is proud to include Sid in its history books as an extremely deserving recipient of this award.
The ATCA-8320 is the first ATCA blade in the market that uses Octasic s ground-breaking asynchronous DSP technology and also features Octasic s Vocallo MGW voice and video software.