ATCANAir Travel Card Acquirer Network
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Once a BSP is connected to ATCAN, it can send data directly to ATCAN on a Merchant's behalf.
To learn more about BSP connections to ATCAN, e-mail atcaninfo@uatp.
Streamlining acceptance of UATP as a form of payment, via the BSP to our acquirer network, ATCAN, significantly reduces processing times and increases efficiency for UATP's airline and agency merchants," said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP.
ATCAN is supportive of the IATA goal to standardize and automate Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) operations worldwide.
Prior to ATCAN implementation, each of the UATP card-issuing airlines acquired and reconciled transactions separately with over two hundred participating airlines.
Reduced processing times and increased efficiency for UATP's merchants are direct results from the streamlined acceptance of UATP as a form of payment, via the BSP to our acquirer network, ATCAN," said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP.
BSP Germany is the first location to take advantage of this interface and has successfully started transferring files daily to the ATCAN data processing facility.
Introduced ATCAN, the global transaction processing system which feeds
ATCAN, established a data transaction connection with CardClear.
ATCAN has made doing business with UATP more economical, efficient and effective for international airlines and the connection to CardClear will make it even more advantageous.
It further strengthens the CardClear offer and provides our growing list of customers with immediate access to the benefits of the ATCAN service.
Next, we introduced ATCAN, our global transaction processing system, which allows us to provide the most detailed, consolidated and centralized billing available to corporate customers.