ATCCSArmy Tactical Command & Control System
ATCCSAcute Traumatic Central Cord Syndrome (neurology)
ATCCSAir Traffic Command and Control System
ATCCSAdhesive Tumour Cell Culture System (oncology)
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Attitudes Toward Career Counseling Scale; Value = ATCCS Value of Career
Counseling subscale; Stigma = ATCCS Stigma Toward Career Counseling
Due to the low reliability coefficients on the attitudinal variables, we decided to try to improve on the RLAQ23 and the ATCCS subscales.
Based on the structure of the scale and corresponding inter-item correlations, we eliminated four items from each subscale, thereby shortening the ATCCS from 22 items to 14 items without any significant change to its reliability.
TABLE 2 Bivariate Correlations between ATCCS, RLAQ, and Confessions-Related Questions CC DP RLAQ C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 DP -26 RLAQ 39 -53 C 1 25 -5 -2 C 2 37 -24 21 35 C 3 -16 22 -17 -28 -29 C 4 -13 23 -20 0 -31 23 C 5 20 -5 -2 34 32 -27 -12 C 6 -10 3 -3 -38 -30 40 12 -40 Marty 5 -11 -1 22 38 -17 -35 36 -30 All values of + or - 10 or higher are significant at a value of p <.
In August of 2001, 1LT Robert Pitsko and I brought one of each ATCCS machines in the division to the battle simulation center for integration testing.
However, this kind of connection required a different knowledge base from the contractors of the ATCCS machines.
Within the e-mail body, there is an ATCCS alias (sometimes referred to as the OR name) consisting of a 32-character identifier for that machine.
scores on the EAC-B and the ATCCS for the experimental and control
and Stigma), the appropriate pretest ATCCS factor (Value and Stigma) was
The fundamental goals of near-term efforts at the Signal Center are to complete the planned ATCCS architecture; to enhance the integration of the systems composing that architecture; to prepare for and maintain compatibility with developments in the strategic environment, sustaining base and tactical user community; and to begin development of critical new systems which will bring us forward to the 21st century in the direction of the objective system.
The framework for the plan chosen by the task force is based on the composition of ATCCS.