ATCCSArmy Tactical Command & Control System
ATCCSAcute Traumatic Central Cord Syndrome (neurology)
ATCCSAir Traffic Command and Control System
ATCCSAdhesive Tumour Cell Culture System (oncology)
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The ATCCS is a 16-item questionnaire that assesses attitudes toward
Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help scale; ATCCS =
However, this kind of connection required a different knowledge base from the contractors of the ATCCS machines.
Within the e-mail body, there is an ATCCS alias (sometimes referred to as the OR name) consisting of a 32-character identifier for that machine.
This is where we ran into the problems that the rest of the ATCCS community faces: setting up the ATCCS address book.
The Sun workstations powering the ATCCS community use a different process that looks up destination server information based on the local server's preprogrammed address book.
We also could take the freetext message sent to us, and reverse the "to" and "from" ATCCS alias in the message header, and send it back to the ATCCS machine.
The RTM receives changes in the corps battle simulation and converts these to USMTF messages led to every ATCCS machine at the lowest level (typically the battalion level).
and Stigma), the appropriate pretest ATCCS factor (Value and Stigma) was
contribute significantly beyond pretest ATCCS Value and Stigma scores to
the prediction of posttest ATCCS Value and Stigma scores, respectively.
Hauchuca, providing a full range of test support on the ATCCS command and control and related communications systems.