ATCEAutomobile and Touring Club of Egypt (est. 1924)
ATCEAnnual Technical Conference and Exposition (annual meeting of Petroleum Engineers held by the SPE)
ATCEAnglo Thai Cultural Exchange (est. 2006)
ATCEAutomatic Test & Checkout Equipment
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ONGC was the only Indian exhibitor and the upstream major representing India at the ATCE 2016.
Among the new features at this year's ATCE are two plenary sessions, in which industry leaders will explore the conference theme 'E&P 2.
Khalid Zainalabedin, manager, Saudi Aramco and ATCE 2016 programme committee chair, said: "ATCE 2016 is honoured to receive the support of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the event comes to the Middle East for the first time.
Similar to the paper contest, regional qualifiers earn teams a place in the International PetroBowl competition held at ATCE.
Look, the long and the short of it was that it was foreigners who founded the ATCE, whose name was changed in 1956 to the 'Egyptian Automobile Club.
ATCE President Numan Erdoy-an, speaking during the ceremony, said that Afghan Turkish schools, which have been in operation in Afghanistan since 1995, produced 606 graduates across the country in 2014.
We are confident that the ATCE will provide the students with a highly rewarding experience and valuable new knowledge to bring back to Qatar.
Judging from the 2007 edition of the SPE's ATCE, 'jewelry' is, if not everywhere, at least getting good traction.
I have never experienced the level of interest that was present at the WellBid booth at the 1999 SPE ATCE.
SPE is very pleased to welcome Paradigm Geophysical to the SPE and our team of sponsors for the 1999 ATCE," said Tom Pellet, SPE's Director for Marketing, Meetings and Sales.
Steve Goldsberry, President of Paradigm Geophysical USA, commented, "We are very pleased to present at the SPE's ATCE for the first time, and we welcome the opportunity to sponsor this press luncheon.