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Less than five years have passed since the adoption of Single European Sky II (SES2) and despite its overambitious targets, which have not yet been reached, the EC is trying to change again the legislative framework for aviation in Europe by setting even more unrealistic targets," the ATCEUC statement said.
The ATCEUC has been calling for the EC to take their views on board and to redraft its proposal because the unrealistic cost reduction and the unreasonable traffic forecast would endanger the Air Navigation Service Provider's (ANSP) ability to continue the safe provision of air navigation services.
The ATCEUC has no doubts that the EC will continue to push forward with its attempt to cut costs without taking into account the interdependencies of the whole system," it said.
According to a released statement on Monday, the decision was taken after the EC requested an urgent meeting with the board of ATCEUC, which received assurances that the Commission would take their views into account regarding the Single European Sky II (SES2+) and Reference Period 2 (RP2) targets for the coming period.
The work stoppage across Europe will not go ahead as planned on Thursday but ATCEUC does not rule out taking action in the future if discussions with the EC do not bear fruit.
The ATCEUC believes the real objectives behind the proposed changes in SES2+ and RP2 are: to liberalise the provision ofAirNavigation Services, deregulate the working conditions of thousands of staff in ATM, and eventually put this essential public interest service in the hands of a few wealthy individuals and companiesthat havebeen lobbying to this effect.