ATCGArmy Training and Doctrine Command
ATCGAutomated Test Case Generation
ATCGAnti-T Cell Globulin (hematology)
ATCGAdenosine Thymine Cytosine Guanine (nucleotides making up DNA)
ATCGAll Time Classic Games, Inc. (website)
ATCGAll Tigers Can Growl (mnemonic for DNA base pairs)
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AHAM chose to entrust NASTeC to ATCG because of that organization's close ties to, and understanding of, the major-appliance service industry," said Bob Holding, president of the manufacturers' association.
The four teams that presented visualizations dubbed themselves: Decision First, ATCG, Optimal Optimizers, and iRate PieRates.
com; ATCG Press, Corporate and Product, Information, Marielle Bricman, Tel: +33(0)4-9125-0785, ipsogen@atcg-partners.