ATCMDAdvanced Transportation Control & Movement Document
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Shipments that arrive at a port without an ATCMD showing in GATES cannot be checked in immediately and become, at least temporarily, no hits.
For answers on FACTS access, tracking cargo, explosive shipments, or ATCMD corrections: Contact the Customer Support Team at (256) 955-9756, -9762, or -9765.
Shippers offer materiel for air clearance by entering ATCMDs into the Financial and Air Clearance Transportation System (FACTS), a Department of Defense system (used and funded by all of the services) that clears freight for air movement and helps the services manage their transportation funds.
This team responds to inquiries about a shipment's status (such as cleared for air, diverted to surface, or pending) and frequently assists shippers in correcting errors made during the entry of ATCMDs into FACTS.
Also, if shippers are unaccustomed to AMC cargo terminology or what each specific field in the ATCMD requires, they could overlook or confuse key pieces of data.