ATCRAdvanced Training in Clinical Research (University of California, San Francisco)
ATCRAnnual Tropical Cyclone Report (Joint Typhoon Warning Center; University of Hawaii)
ATCRA Trance Communication Release (record label; UK)
ATCRAir Traffic Control Radio
ATCRAir Training Command Regulation
ATCRActive Treatment Client Rights Checklist
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This summer, members of ATCR also spoke out against a common practice at music events: the "hipster headdress," in which white music fans attend concerts wearing large feather ceremonial attire.
But while ATCR has countless clubs and house parties dancing to powwow music for the first time--both Aboriginal and non-Native--the music's impact on young urban students fresh off their remote reserves truly kept the three members going.
The copies of the incident reports that appear in ATCR are redacted to remove identifying information about individuals, including the owner of the pet.