ATCTAir Traffic Control Tower
ATCTAirport Traffic Control Tower (FAA)
ATCTAir Traffic Control Transponder
ATCTAll Terrain Camera Tracking (Slough, Berkshire, England, UK)
ATCTAnalog Toll Connecting Trunk
ATCTAdvanced Thermal Chip Technologies (Israel)
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In terms of recruitment, ATCT recorded the hiring of 659 workers in Gulf
In matters of South-South co-operation, the ATCT sent 24 Tunisian experts on technical co-operation missions to African and Arab states in several sectors and especially health and quality.
General aviation and military operations were based on ATCT records for 1996.
in the Bid Documents and provide and install new ATCT electrical service point, complete.
Third Floors of the ATCT as well as the Fourth Floor also referred
This agreement will allow ATCT to implement its plans to offer a wide range of wireless telecommunications products and services to consumers through out the world using the website 7123000.
The multiple listing is perfect for ATCT as its tremendous work overseas may not be fully appreciated by the US market.
8 million has been presented to the airport in grant funds from the Florida DOT and received authorization from F to use $22 million in PFC for the new ATCT, as part of the airport's Parallel Runway project.
a leading provider of online gaming software and operator of games portals, whereby ATCT shall be providing CYOP with payment solutions in Asia and CYOP shall be providing its licensed CrediPlay Games and RedFelt Poker Software to ATCT.
Under the agreement ATCT would be permitted to target original equipment manufacturers (OEM), ODMs, Telcos and ISPs throughout Asia.
ATCT plans to launch the service under its Buzz Brand, taking advantage of the opportunity to utilize wireless communications networks to transmit video images using a mobile telephone, personal digital assistant and digital camera from remote locations.
ATCT currently has contracts to install services to over 30,000 homes in Thailand and has signed strategic agreements with Hotels and 2 Companies in the Property Development project Management Area.