ATDAnthropomorphic Test Dummy
AtDAchieving the Dream
ATDAdvanced Technology Demonstration
ATDAttention to Detail
ATDAtmospheric Technology Division (US National Center for Atmospheric Research)
ATDAssistant Technical Director
ATDAdvanced Technology Development
ATDAt the Doctor's
ATDAgainst the Day (Glasgow band)
ATDAnthropomorphic Test Device
ATDActual Time of Departure
ATDAsynchronous Time Division
ATDAerosol Transmissible Disease
ATDAutomatic Target Detection
ATDAgree to Disagree (internet slang)
ATDAmused to Death (Roger Waters album)
ATDApplied Technology Division
ATDAircrew Training Device
ATDArrival Time Difference
ATDAnti-Thyroid Drug
ATDAuto Trim Design (Fairbanks, AK)
ATDAcquired Toilet Disease (fictitious disease)
ATDAttitude Determination
ATDAddress Transition Detection (circuit in asynchronous memory)
ATDApprenticeship and Training Division
ATDAdjustable Time Delay
ATDAid to the Totally Disabled
ATDAutomated Test Designer (software; @YourSide Consulting)
ATDAlong Track Distance (aviation)
ATDAutomated Thermal Desorber (gas chromatography analysis column type)
ATDAerospace Technology Division (Library of Congress; formerly Aerospace Information Division)
ATD6-Etioallochol-1,4-Diene-3,17-Dione (aromatase inhibitor)
ATDAssociação Terras Dentro
ATDAlzheimer's Type Dementia (clinical disorder)
ATDApplied Thermodynamics (physics)
ATDAided Target Detection
ATDAssociation des Techniciens de Dialyse (French: Association of Dialysis Technicians)
ATDAtherothrombotic Disease
ATDAbrams Travel Data Services
ATDAquitaine Transmission Distribution (French automotive parts company)
ATDAvailable to Deploy
ATDAnti-Tank Ditch
ATDAuthorized Terminal Distributor
ATDAlliance Tchadienne pour la Démocratie et le Développement (Chadian Alliance for Democracy and Development, Chad)
ATDAuthorization Termination Date
ATDAutomated Tactical Data Link
ATDAssistant Train Dispatcher (NYC Transit Authority)
ATDAccelerated Titration Design
ATDActive Threat Defense (Cisco)
ATDAir and Toxics Division
ATDAcceptance and Takeover Date
ATDAutomatic Tube Dispenser
ATDAntitheft Device
ATDAstronaut Translation Device
ATDAdaptive Threshold Detector
ATDAutomated Training Device
ATDAudio Tone Detector
ATDAero Tech Designs (Coraopolis, PA)
ATDAutomatic Tone Detector (Sprint)
ATDAssociation of Telecommunications Dealers
ATDAverage to Date
ATDAir Technician Detachment
ATDActuals To Date
ATDAssignment and Transmittal Document (SAIC stock)
ATDAutomatic Target Designation
ATDAUTOVON Tandem Digital
ATDAviation Test Directorate
ATDATM Test Development
ATDAdvanced Technologies Demonstration (ARPA/Bell Atlantic)
ATDAnti Theft Discount (insurance)
ATDAmphibische Technische Dienst (Dutch)
ATDAssistance Technique Directe (French: Direct Technical Assistance)
ATDAll Terrain Drilling Pty Ltd (Australia)
ATDAcacia Training and Development (UK)
ATDAccredited Tier Designer (Uptime Institute)
ATDAsset Transfer Date
ATDAnalog to Digital (converter)
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Women with severe hyperthyroidism or high TRAb levels should prefer surgery or ATD over RAI.
6) ATD rose to greater international attention with the launch of UNHCR's "Beyond Detention" strategy in 2015.
Conclusions: Higher relapse MPV in Relapse group but similar MPV levels in both groups at ATD withdrawal may be attributed to hypermetabolism or hyperthyroidism rather than autoimmunity of GD.
The Italy-based digital learning content management business solutions producer can be found at Booth 1841 in this year's ATD Conference and Exposition.
The fact that anti-TSH receptor antibody function might switch during the course of ATD emphasizes the need for careful patient monitoring and the difficulties in regulating thyroid function.
ICSA Labs only publishes reports for the ATD solutions that met all the requirements in version 1.
Both of these neck-loading events involved the driver ATD in the sedan.
99 a year you can save an extra 10% every day, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year on every item purchased from the ATD shop or online depot.
The RGF grant will make a massive difference to ATD.
TPG became the owner of ATD four years ago, when it paid USD1.
More than 500 of the units with image-free ATD software have already been deployed at more than 100 US airports.