ATDSAmerican Theatre and Drama Society
ATDSAmerican Truck Driving School (Coldwater, MI)
ATDSAir Tactical Data System
ATDSAircraft Tactical Display System
ATDSAdvanced Test Driver System
ATDSAdvanced Tunnel Drive Steering
ATDSAirborne Tactical Data System
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The vote has changed the definition of ATDS because every smartphone, tablet, VoIP phone, calling app, texting app, and any phone that's not a rotary dial phone will be that system.
Moreover, although the ATDS was not altered drastically to meet the measurement needs of this study, the scale has not been evaluated for use with daydreams.
14, suggesting mean differences on T2 measures of the ATDS between the three conditions.
Simon & Schuster June 19, ruling in line with the Federal Communications Commission's long-held position that a text message is a phone call and remanding the discussion of whether Simon & Schuster used an ATDS to the district court.
Under the TCPA, advertisers cannot use an ATDS to dispatch text messages.
We are very excited about our advancements at both ATDS and AUTO," stated Steve Swanson, President and CEO of ATD.
The combination of these new systems should allow ATDS to customize the various aspects of order execution for each order sending firm - ATDS' direct customers.
The approval should allow ATDS and other specialists on the CHX floor to increase their volumes, overall marketshare and profitability.
The same order-sending firms that work with ATDS on the floor of the CHX will now be able to also send business "upstairs" to AUTO.
In executing retail orderflow, both ATDS and AUTO are fully independent and rely on the same infrastructure technology that guides ATD's limit-order and institutional trading models - a proprietary pricing algorithm coupled with an advanced expert system that emulates a human trader's action in various trading scenarios.
In addition, the combination of ATD and ATDS will enable fully automated trading capability on the exchange floor in the coming months.