ATDTAttention Dial Tone
ATDTAm There Doing That
ATDTAutomated Technical Data Tracking system
ATDTAdaptive Toolkit for the Discovery of Threats (Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.; College Station, TX)
ATDTAdditive Two DMARD (Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Drug) Therapy (immunology)
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Independent samples t-tests performed to compare z-scores for thresholds obtained in pain sites and thresholds obtained in nonpain sites did not reveal any significant group differences for any of the stimulus modalities tested (MDT, VDT, ATDT, ATPT).
Abbreviations: ASIA = American Spinal Injury Association, ATDT = average thermal detection threshold, ATPT = average thermal pain threshold, CDT = cool detection threshold, CPT = cold pain threshold, HPT = hot pain threshold, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, LOI = level of injury, MDT = mechanical detection threshold, NPSI = Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory, QST = quantitative sensory testing, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VDT = vibration detection threshold, WDT = warm detection threshold.