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ATEAsociación de Trabajadores del Estado (Spanish: State Employees Association; Argentina)
ATEATM Terminating Equipment (SONET)
ATEAwareness, Training & Education (NIST)
ATEActual Time En Route
ATEAirborne Test Equipment
ATEAssistance Technique Esthétique (French salon equipment retailer)
ATEAda Training Environment
ATEAsteroid True Equator (NASA)
ATEAir Terminal Equipment
ATEAgence de Transaction Européenne (French: European Transaction Agency; real estate)
ATEAppendix Tab Enclosure
ATEAcquisition and Tracking Electronics
ATEAutomatic Terminate Engagement
ATEAUTODIN Terminal Equipment
ATEAutomated Terrain Elevation
ATEAwaiting Test Equipment
ATEAxially Tilted Ellipse (antenna)
ATEAmphibische Technische Eenheid (Dutch)
ATEAvionics Test Equipment
ATEAdvanced Technological Education
ATEAccess to Excellence
ATEAccess to Energy (newsletter)
ATEAirborne Toxic Event (band)
ATEAfter the Event (insurance)
ATEAdditional Termination Event (contracts)
ATEAsk the Experts ( forum)
ATEAdjusted Total Equity
ATEA-Tech Enterprises, Inc. (Amarillo, TX)
ATEAutomated Test Equipment
ATEAutomatic Telephone Exchange
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATEAssociation of Teacher Educators
ATEAttitude Estimation
ATEAssociate Technical Editor
ATEAsynchronous Terminal Emulation (Sprint)
ATEAdvanced Technology Engine
ATEAnnual Training Evaluation
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If you are interested in a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end-users, and other industry participants an overview of the latest analysis of the World Semiconductor ATE Markets -- then send an e-mail to Trisha Bradley -- Corporate Communications at trisha.
The numbers of those who ate fast food for dinner may come as no shock to someone familiar with the diet of preteens, or any other children.
About a third of the volunteers in P&G's own studies got diarrhea when they ate 20 grams of olestra a day.
The men who ate raw tomatoes had a lower risk, but not as low as those who ate pizza or tomato sauce.
If you ate a low-fat (high-carbohydrate) diet and lost weight, it would still lower your insulin," explains Reaven.
But during their month on the soda, they ate no less food to compensate, which led them to gain an average of 2 1/2 pounds.
Animals ate their assigned diet for 4 weeks then received a mild brain injury.
19/1,000, of diphyllobothriasis were found in the patients who ate raw fish.
Our ancestors ate a wide variety of in-season, wildcrafted, and organically grown plants.
since that day at the market, I thought about what I ate and what the animals thought before they were heartlessly put to death.
Avoid being like comedian Bill Cosby, who says he is what he ate, and now he's afraid.
Because the fetal brain is particularly sensitive to methylmercury, the Seychelles Child Development Study was started in 1986 to ascertain the effects of low doses of methylmercury among 779 children living in these islands, whose mothers ate an average of 12 fish meals a week while pregnant.