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ATEAsociación de Trabajadores del Estado (Spanish: State Employees Association; Argentina)
ATEATM Terminating Equipment (SONET)
ATEAwareness, Training & Education (NIST)
ATEActual Time En Route
ATEAirborne Test Equipment
ATEAssistance Technique Esthétique (French salon equipment retailer)
ATEAda Training Environment
ATEAsteroid True Equator (NASA)
ATEAir Terminal Equipment
ATEAgence de Transaction Européenne (French: European Transaction Agency; real estate)
ATEAppendix Tab Enclosure
ATEAcquisition and Tracking Electronics
ATEAutomatic Terminate Engagement
ATEAUTODIN Terminal Equipment
ATEAutomated Terrain Elevation
ATEAwaiting Test Equipment
ATEAxially Tilted Ellipse (antenna)
ATEAmphibische Technische Eenheid (Dutch)
ATEAvionics Test Equipment
ATEAdvanced Technological Education
ATEAccess to Excellence
ATEAccess to Energy (newsletter)
ATEAirborne Toxic Event (band)
ATEAfter the Event (insurance)
ATEAdditional Termination Event (contracts)
ATEAsk the Experts ( forum)
ATEAdjusted Total Equity
ATEA-Tech Enterprises, Inc. (Amarillo, TX)
ATEAutomated Test Equipment
ATEAutomatic Telephone Exchange
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATEAssociation of Teacher Educators
ATEAttitude Estimation
ATEAssociate Technical Editor
ATEAsynchronous Terminal Emulation (Sprint)
ATEAdvanced Technology Engine
ATEAnnual Training Evaluation
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When the Doctor stopped speaking and sat down, all the monkeys clapped their hands a long time and said to one another, "Let it be remembered always among our people that he sat and ate with us, here, under the trees.
They dined in the best room, and had oats boiled in milk for the second course, which the old horse ate warm, but the rest cold.
She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, `Which way?
The kind Mouse agreed, but the Cat slunk under the town wall to the church, and ate up half of the pot of fat.
Pickles ate biscuits and Ginger ate a dried haddock.
Last year I had four apricots -- they stole one, I had one nectarine, only one -- well, sir, they ate half of it on the wall; a splendid nectarine -- I never ate a better.
it was after all a raw fish; and all I can say is, that Fayaway ate it in a more ladylike manner than any other girl of the valley.
Then the dog snapped it up, and scrambled away with it into a corner, where he soon ate it all up.
Muffin's house came first, and as his wheelbarrow stood in the front yard the little girl ate that first.
You mustn't forget that he hacked off Kwaque's head, and that he ate one of his own comrades that ran away with him.
Those of the household Jerry recognized as slaves or servants to Agno, and he knew when they fed him that the food he ate proceeded from Agno and was Agno's food.
He knew only that the velvet-furred kitten was meat, and he ate and waxed happier with every mouthful.