ATECAustralian Tourism Export Council
ATECArmy Test and Evaluation Command (US Army; formerly OPTEC, Operational Test & Evaluation Command)
ATECAdvanced Technologies (Hamburg, Germany)
ATECAviation Technician Education Council
ATECAuthorized Technical Education Center (Microsoft)
ATECAlberta Tourism Education Council
ATECAsociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación (Spanish: Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation; Costa Rica)
ATECAssociation of Teachers of Exceptional Children
ATECAuthorized Training and Education Center
ATECAdvanced Technology Education Consortium (Canada)
ATECAssociation des Thésards et Etudiants en Catalyse (French chemistry student association)
ATECAutomated Technical Control
ATECAnti Terror Elite Clan (gaming)
ATECAntiterrorism Executive Committee (US Army)
ATECAtmospheric Technology, Inc. (Calabasas, CA)
ATECAutomatic Test Control
ATECArmy Technical Evaluation Council
ATECAdvanced Test and Evaluation Course (DSMC)
ATECAll Terrain Crane, 25 Ton
ATECAdvanced Television Evaluation Center (Canada)
ATECAssistive Tech Educational Consulting (Kamloops, BC, Canada)
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ATEC was awarded a contract for preliminary design review (PDR) of the improved turbine engine (ITE), a more powerful and fuel efficient engine for the Army's fleet of UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache helicopters.
ATEC Solutions have following product and services range: Centrifugal chillers AHRI certified having COP: 7.
ATEC has also created a website to accommodate demand in the United Kingdom.
The ATEC Series 6 is a test platform in the civil aerospace and military aftermarket and is used by airlines and original equipment manufacturers including Honeywell, Airbus and Thales.
Since then, 14 ATEC FOA teams have deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq.
The founder and current CEO of the company, Richard Chu, who had established the predecessor of ATEC in Taiwan in 1976, moved the company to the United States in 1982.
As the Army's "tester," ATEC determines the operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability of new equipment and systems fielded by the Army.
At a recent scientific session of the American College of Surgeons, experts discussed several types of minimally invasive breast biopsies, but preferred minimally invasive vacuum-assisted breast biopsy systems such as the ATEC system.
This in-depth understanding of the FTTH industry led to ATEC being one of the founding members of the FTTH Council for Africa.
Jamison has been involved with ATEC for several years before getting his degree.
This longtime customer recognized that combining contracts with the ATEC EITSS contract would further facilitate collaboration and more effective solutions across the command.
ATEC is a joint venture between Honeywell International, Inc.