ATEGAssembly for the Teaching of English Grammar
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A0=ateg&D=0&H=0&O=-T&T=0 [The main ATEG archive page with links to archive pages by year with links to archive pages by month.
A grammar and usage text co-authored by an ATEG poster cited.
Anyone wishing full texts of material cited from the ATEG website can directly access past ATEG postings from its archive: As of this writing, listserve archive contains postings from February 1995 to April 2005.
Those interested in this dispute can find two sets in the ATEG archive in May 1995 and April 1997.
ATEG Online Posting, 8 May 2005, <http://listserv.
On the effective date of the proposed merger, Commodore will merge with ATEG, with ATEG as the surviving corporation of the merger, and ATEG will own 100 percent of CXOT.
The stockholders of record of CXOT will receive shares of common stock of ATEG equal to (a) 19.
In addition to the merger stock, ATEG will issue to the CXOT common stockholders, rights to participate in and receive annually 30-1/3 percent of the net profits after taxes of the new wholly owned CXOT SLiM(TM) technology subsidiary formed prior to the merger, and to the holders of CXOT preferred stock, the right to receive three percent of the net profits after taxes of the combined entity.