ATELLAustralian Technology Enhanced Language Learning Consortium
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ATELL is an informal grouping of CALL researchers and practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.
In addition, we are reviving the ATELL mailing list, whose e-mail location is atell@lingua.
ATELL them how much you love them and to talk over any worries they might have.
ATELL your wife she's beautiful, that you love her and that everything is going to be OK.
ATELL her you're going to miss her, reassure her you love her and say she's incredibly brave and you hope everything works out.
ATELL your postman prat that he's made his last delivery.
ATELL her your dad is a happily married man and she needs to get over it before she makes herself look even more daft.
ATELL him that regular sex will help improve his immune system - and protect him (and you) against cancers and infectious diseases.
ATELL her how you feel but bear in mind she might get annoyed at any criticism.
ATELL is supported by the Language Laboratory at the University of Queensland.
ATELL your mother-in-law that when she snuffs it you intend to stuff her and keep her by the front door as a combination door mat and draught excluder.
ATELL your partner exactly what you told me - that you love him and whether he's balding or not is irrelevant.