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ATENAssistive Technology Educational Network
ATENAustin Time Exchange Network (Austin, TX)
ATENAssistive Technology Exchange Network
ATENAssociation for Theological Education in Nepal (est. 1993; Kathmandu, Nepal)
ATENAssociation Technique de l’Énergie Nucléaire (France)
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an Aten Coin promotions company, plans investments in many different companies, with all profits related to investments paid back using Aten coins.
Clearly, like Martin Luther who came centuries later, Akhnaten, also cleared away the priests and their thousand deities, (bad move) leaving a vacuum conveniently filled by the sun god Aten who displaced all others, although Kemp argues that beneath the surface the people worshipped their old gods, in spite of official diktats demanding otherwise.
In this way, he indeed received physical and spiritual beneficence from his god, which strengthened his faith in Aten despite considerable political, religious and social pressures.
These switches allow corporations to minimize travel costs and Mean Time to Repair, and to ensure the highest availability of data center services possible," said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.
Aten uses the term spatial price indexes to label these estimates, which can be seen as the regional equivalent of purchasing power parities for consumption.
Our SMB customers can gain cost efficiencies while simultaneously boosting productivity by coupling our IP-based control units with local KVM solutions," said Miranda Su, vice president of Sales and Marketing, ATEN Technology.
Return To Aten by Lynn Sinclair is the tale of Jodi and her return with her cat Chowder to her hometown of Aten.
Leah Brown is co-founder, president and CEO of ATEN Solutions (A10), a professional service that conducts clinical research, manages clinical data and offers statistical programming for clinical trials.
Lee MC, Rios AM, Aten MF, Mejias A, Cavuoti D, McCracken GH Jr, et al.
She was brought up within a temple complex as a priestess to the sun god Aten.
2 km Serpong-Pondok Aten section and the Pondok Arean--Ulu Jami, which is now under construction by PT Jasa Marga The SerpongPondok Aten section is expected to be heavy with traffic as the Srpong area is fast growing in population.