ATENAAutonomie, Technologies Numériques et Apprentissages (French: Autonomy, Digital Technology and Learning)
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Tempiamojo lengvojo betono itempiu ir deformaciju diagramos taikymas baigtiniu elementu analizeje programa ATENA
Gautos tempiamojo lengvojo betono itempiu ir deformaciju diagramos kaip supleisejusio betono (krintancioji diagramos dalis) medziagos modelis pritaikytas kompiuterineje baigtiniu elementu programoje ATENA.
Table 1 Summary of the procedural morbidity and mortality rates of the major endovascular therapy trials Trial Mortality rate Complication rate ISAT trial 2005 Not reported Not reported (n=2143, RCT) (8) Vanninen 1999 2% 17% (perforation, vessel (n=109, RCT) (26) occlusion, coil migration & re-bleeding) Smith 2011 (bare 1% (coil migration 4% (thrombus, rupture, platinum vs coated into MCA leading to embolism) coils, n=101, non- infarction and death) randomised) (18) ATENA Trial 1.
11 and the verification by full numerical simulation using ATENA is in Fig.
Naudojant BE programa ATENA, nagrinetais metodais gautos apkrovos ir plysio plocio priklausomybes palygintos su eksperimentiniais rezultatais.
Comparison of load-crack width relationship obtained using software ATENA
Atlikus skaiciavimus netiesine baigtiniu elementu programa ATENA, gauta artima bandymams sijos S2-4-1nm momento kreivio priklausomybe ir supleise-jimo pobudis.
Based in Munich, Germany, ATENA GmbH was formed in 1998 as a subsidiary of MTU Aero Engines (A DaimlerChrysler Division), growing to more than 250 employees, with eight offices in just over three years.
ATENA is a provider of mechanical and electronic engineering services -- Conceptual and Detail Design, Analysis, Drafting, Tool Design, Sub-system / Component Installation, Manufacturing Engineering, Test Engineering and Project Management for the Aero Engine, Aerospace and Automotive markets.