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ATERMAir Terminal
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Sampras slammed the door on Oxfordshire's 23-year-old British No 2 with aterm inal break in the 12th game of the third set and another to lead 3-1 in the fourth.
calendar and room reservation services,online collaborative content services and bibliographic enriched content services for aterm of sixty months.
0 includes SMTP mail, FTP and terminal emulation APIs as well as leading-edge ATERM, WinCGI, VBX APIs and OLE Custom control (OCX) tools.
NEWT-SDK offers a highly advanced set of APIs including WinCGI, VBX and ATERM and free DLLs for facilitating the distribution of custom applications across the intranet without additional cost.
ATERM assurance pays out a lump sum if you die during the term (the number of years) of cover, hence the name.
0 includes standard SMTP mail, FTP and terminal emulation APIs, as well as new ATERM, WinCGI VBX, OLE Custom control (OCX) tools, and royalty-free DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries), for developing advanced network applications.
Aterm extension may be executed pending a review of performance for a maximum two years in one year intervals.
ATERM Assurance provides a lump sum if death occurs within the term of the contract, for example 25 years.
Rather bitterly, they condemn "Britain's lack of honest political debate about the future of the EU" and regret that "in aterms of public opinion, Great Britain is less equipped today to be a member of the Union than it was thirty years ago when it joined".