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ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (US Department of Justice)
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluid
ATFAlcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
ATFAdvanced Technology Fighter
ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
ATFActivating Transcription Factor
ATFAfter the Fact
ATFArmored Task Force (warfare game simulation)
ATFAJAX Toolkit Framework
ATFAviation Turbine Fuel
ATFASEAN Tourism Forum (annual travel convention)
ATFAfter the Fire (Band)
ATFAcquire the Fire
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter
ATFAfter the Fall
ATFAll-Time Favorite
ATFAll Time Favorite
ATFFleet Ocean Tug
ATFAbove The Fold (web/print advertising)
ATFAssociation des Tunisiens en France (French: Association of Tunisians in France)
ATFAmphibious Task Force
ATFArab Thought Forum (Palestine)
ATFAs Trustee for (finance)
ATFAmerican Type Foundry
ATFArrived to Find
ATFAcross the Fence
ATFAnterior Talofibular (ligament)
ATFAnti-Terrorism Financing (legislation)
ATFAir Task Force
ATFFrench Southern and Antarctic Lands (ISO Country code)
ATFAutomatic Track Finding
ATFAll Things Fresh (website)
ATFAssociation Technique de Fonderie (French: Foundry Technical Association)
ATFALMA Test Facility (Atacama Large Millimeter Array)
ATFAdvanced Technology Fractionator (SeQual)
ATFAustralian Temporary Fencing
ATFAviation Task Force
ATFAlbuquerque Teachers Federation
ATFArticulation Task Force (Arizona State University)
ATFAutomatic Track Following
ATFAll Too Flat
ATFAutomatic Terrain Following
ATFAbsolute Terror Field
ATFAuxiliary Tug, Fleet (Auxiliary Fleet Tug)
ATFAnti-Tenure Factor
ATFAcross the Flat (geometry)
ATFAsynchronous Transmit FIFO
ATFAcceptance Test Facility
ATFArchitecture Textile Française (French textile company)
ATFAdministrative Task Force
ATFAstrometric Telescope Facility
ATFAllied Tactical Force
ATFAerodrome Traffic Frequencies
ATFAnimation Trace File
ATFAircraft Torque Factor
ATFAdvanced Targeting FLIR (US DoD)
ATFAdaptive Tracking Filter
ATFAutonomous Thruster Facilities
ATFAir to Torpedo Fire Control
ATFAmicale Tricyclecariste de France (French tricycle car club)
ATFAudit Transfer Files
ATFAutomatic Target Follow
ATFAutomated Target Folder
ATFArea to Free (Cisco)
ATFAverage Transaction Frequency (credit)
ATFAUTOVON Test Facility
ATFAutomatic Test Format
ATFAlternate Treatment Facility
ATFAutomatic Test Facility
ATFAquatics Training Facility (US Army)
ATFAutomatic Tracking Feature
ATFA Transcription Factor (proteins)
ATFAlcohol Treatment Facility
ATFAcoustic Transfer Function
ATFAgainst the Flow
ATFAll the Fundamentals (various organizations)
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Overall, more than 4,300 participants are expected for the 15th annual ATF event.
Whether ATF engaged in industrial espionage and pirated ideas and features from the Coloseum software is hard to say.
Of the 83,000 retail firearms dealers in America, ATF shuts down only about 25 annually.
Prior experience: Joined ATF in 1971, serving in positions of increasing responsibility, including area supervisor (1977), chief of the ATF Academy (1980), regional director of Midwest Region compliance operations (1988) and deputy associate director of regulatory enforcement programs (1995).
In May 1975, Congress made the reporting of multiple sales of handguns a requirement, stating that the requirement would enable ATF to monitor and deter illegal interstate commerce in pistols and revolvers by unlicensed individuals.
Test data show that low swell ethylene/acrylic compounds, based on AEM-DLS and AEM-LS, maintain 85-120% of their original tensile strength after aging 3,000 hours at 150[degrees]C in the GM ATF fluid and 4,000 hours in the Ford ATF fluid.
Anyone having information should call the ATF 24/7 hotline 1-888-ATF-FIRE (1-888-283-3473) or email at: ATFTips@atf.
Helmeted ATF agents raided the Hells Angels headquarters in Sparks, Nev.
Three of the individuals interviewed in the newspaper series were working with ATF Special Agent Davy Aguilera, and executives of the Tribune-Herald had discussed the series with the ATF prior to publication.
Reavis further asserts that the ATF essentially faked warrant evidence, claiming there was drug manufacturing at the compound, in order to activate a legal clause that allows the military to participate in a domestic police action.
ATF has also been enhanced to enable users to modify ATF policies created by experts from Arbor's Security Engineering Response Team (ASERT) to further optimize these for their environment.
Having investigated similar cases in the past, we know stolen firearms are used in furtherance of drug- and gang-related activities and are utilized by violent criminals to perpetrate additional crimes," said Robin Shoemaker, Special Agent in Charge, ATF Columbus Field Division.