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ATFLAnterior Talofibular Ligament
ATFLAsh-Throated Flycatcher (Myiarchus cinerascens, bird species)
ATFLAgro Tech Foods Limited (India)
ATFLAmerican Task Force for Lebanon
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Leaders from my Institute and the ATFL were joined by community leaders from across the US.
funds raised by the ATFL supported Battle Area Clearance operations by six MAG
The Department of State will provide an additional $200,000 - a two-for-one match - for every dollar ATFL raises, up to $100,000.
The American Red Cross has commended ATFL and the Department of State for their humanitarian effort to remove unexploded bomblets in Lebanon.
The ATFL campaign will focus on these six objectives: 1.
Last October, Issa and his family, along with 25 other ATFL members including broadcaster Casey Kasem, visited Lebanon and met with Lebanese President Elias Hrawi, Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, President of the Chamber of Deputies Nabih Berri, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fares Bouez and other dignitaries.
The ATFL is the weakest of the lateral ankle ligaments.
Rory said: "Total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage in a kickabout with friends on Saturday.
It was accompanied by the message: "Total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage in a soccer kickabout with friends on Saturday.
The ATFL does not insert onto the neck of the talus, which is a common misconception, but is confluent with the anterior capsule of the ankle.